Why should I listen to your music?

I make things that bring imagery to my mind.
I make things I sit down, listen to, enjoy, and find new things to like about as time passes, and new things to hate/fix the next time.
I make things that I want to contribute to music at large.
I make things that I cherish like children.

I know that some of these things are going to strike some of you to the extent they do to me. It's going to have an effect on those some, and it might not even be one I intended. I know this because I make sure of it.

Music means too much to me. No, not just making it, because that comes and goes.
It itself, the whole spectrum of it, means too much as a medium. It's been my anchor since my Dad showed me Toxicity by System of a Down, we played drums on the dashboard and center console, and I realized "this is fucking amazing. I want to play this fucking center console to as many of these things as possible." I was 6. Repeat this over and over to "Billie Jean", "Black Magic Woman", "Eazy Duz It", "Brass Monkey", on and on and on, with the kitchen counter, the living room desk, a ketchup packet, fucking whatever. Family says before that I was that dorky ass kid dancing at all the weddings by himself, with zero lessons, zero pushes, and zero fucks. I still do that shit any time I feel like it.
The closest people in my life, past and present, are all people who I could, or still can, sit down with and endlessly interpret music. Literally just sit there in a car, or a room, with music playing, and just talk about what it means, why we like it, and how we relate to it.
There are albums that deserve more money I could ever earn, because they got me through some really fucked up shit, and got me out of it too.

All this t permeates through what I create, because it's me. It's what I am. It's what I think about. It's my vessel. Listening to a song to me is like speaking. It's like painting. It's like looking at a mirror and asking "who is that? What is that?"

You're going to hear me trying to get you, and me, to speak, and paint, and look in the mirror. I'm trying to get us to see something we haven't put into words yet.

You're going to hear all of this.

Past any of my shortcomings as a producer, you're going to still say "motherfucker does this like he's been playing the center console to all kinds of music since he was 6."

Like I mean it.

Because I fucking mean it.

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