Gator attempts to explain why "LWs are relevant"; it's BECAUSE THEY'RE LITERALLY TRYING TO TAKE AWAY YOUR GAMES, THE DAMN FEMINAZIS.

Also, I'm an older gamer as well. And I've seen this before as well. I've seen reactionary gamers treat women like dirt over and over and over again.

ZQ, AS, BW, RH (had to throw her in :) ), Ryulong, Chu ... I feel safe saying they have no desire to take away your/our precious sex and violence in video games. And I say that as a guy who likes a lot of games with a hefty dose of sex and/or violence. So breathe.

Some of them want to make the space for games and gamers bigger and more inviting to more people.

At least one of them is offering critiques that many people (including myself) want to hear.

At least two of them are providing tools to help protect people from being punished and terrorized for the sole crime of being on the internet and opening their mouths.

I'm a middle-aged white cis male gamer, and I support them. Because for literally decades now, I've seen and heard of horrible things done by horrible people. Not over video games. Not even because of video games. But because they can't stand the idea of people who aren't Just Like Them making, playing, enjoying, and yes TALKING ABOUT video games. And those are the "principled" ones.

The others are a panoply of comedies and horrors. Callous trolls who don't know where the lines are drawn. Resentful dudes whose salaciousness extends to women who have to fight them off for years but now have a flag to hide behind. Stupid kids who aren't old enough to recognize the human being they're fucking with on the other end. Vengeful exes who can't take a hint (or a restraining order). At least one libelous tabloid hack and at least one SUPER-shady lawyer. People who refuse to believe any death threat is sincere unless the target is sincerely dead. And so on. And so on. And SO ON.

You're goddamn right I support them. I'd support them if they were far less worthy than they are. Because the alternative is spending my autumn years with more of THAT to look forward to. And no, I won't accept that that's the way it will always be because that's the way it's always been. RH shattered that shit with, what, 200 lines of code? And that, apparently, was for openers.

I look forward to the next few years because of these people.

So sure, KiA, pretend they're not relevant to you, or pretend that they are relevant to you. But they're sure as hell relevant to me.

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