Do sighted people really look at the toilet paper after they wipe?

We'll since we're getting into it, I'll go into detail... First of all, I don't clump the toilet paper. I am a Folder. How many squares depends on the quality and thickness of the TP. At home where I have quality 2-ply, I use 3 squares folded in half to make a 4-ply 4"X6" sheet of TP. If I am using a public restroom with that half-ply extra-narrow translucent receipt-paper TP, I will use a large and moderated amount. Half out of caution, half out of spite.

Now if you're like me and aren't blessed with a golden colon where every poop is immaculate and of perfect consistency. The first wipe is going to be the most important. This is where you are going for bulk clean up. Also you will learn more about the consistency of this particular movement and what to expect for this wiping session. For all intents and purposes we will assume this is a normal consistency poo. On my first wipe I slightly curl three fingers to make a mini poop scoop to get as much as I can. Second wipe is more about deep cleaning, more emphasis is put on the middle finger to get a deeper wipe. Third wipe is a general clean up/ feeling-it-out flat fingered wipe. Depending on how the 3rd wipe felt sometimes a 4th wipe is needed as a cautionary re-wipe. *More wipes may be needed depending on the consistency of the feces. Less wipes may be considered depending on the availability of a bidet or wet wipes.

I will admit I a bit on the liberal side with my wiping because I am not on a septic and This Is America™.

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