Simon's reaction to Mirror Image's dance move

Just a simple prediction post for discussion. The talent this season IMO is worse than last season, but it's still decent.

Probable Finalists: + Mandy Harvey - Immense popularity, and is incredibly talented. She literally overcomes deafness to push out creative and good performances. Obviously she isn't vocally the best, but she has enough experience (lots of music on iTunes) to push herself through securely.

  • Puddles - Good song choices combined with a very mature voice, which separates him from the crowd. He has an online following which may or may not help him out in votes. Also, he still has yet to break out Royals, which might push him to the top (given that it's his most iconic cover).

Good Chance: + Angelica Hale - One of the better singers this season lol. With her Golden Buzzer, she's definitely more popular. The only thing really going against her is that some people don't want to see someone so young competing (That didn't stop them from letting Grace Win :/).

  • Kechi - Along with Puddles, probably the best vocalist this season. But on top of her solid and smooth singing, she has a fantastic emotional pull in her voice and an inspirational backstory that NBC can milk. I'm putting her because I don't see her not advancing into Lives.

  • Yoli Mayor - Brought it to the table for Judge Cuts. It'll take a while to see how her popularity holds in Lives but with a pimp spot performance she has potential. Good song choices will probably make her.

  • Colin Cloud - Basically another Clairvoyants, but everyone eats that act up. It's never not interesting. The issue with him is that he's not nearly as viral as the Clairvoyants nor does he have as easily of a marketable image. But NBC favors him, and will probably do whatever they can to push him through.

  • Chase Goehring - A good image for voters, and besides that is a solid singer and is a very good songwriter. Many voters will appreciate his originality, but others will also say he's not that special.

If they do good: + Light Balance - Some golden buzzer popularity, but also a Kenichi Ebina-esque act which has a very cool appeal to it. They need to do something big in the Quarterfinals to cement themselves.

  • Sara Carson and Hero - Definite underdogs. It's a very creative dog act, and has a ton of potential going up. Plus people can recognize them as the ones Simon got up on stage for.

  • Darci Lynne - Definitely talented to adequately handle Summertime via ventriloquism. However, if this is all she does, it'll get boring, especially with someone of her age. It's not enough to compete against the other singers. She needs to bring real ventriloquism to her act if she wants a chance. That said, I could be completely wrong because of her Golden Buzzer.

  • Will Tsai - Underrated and subtle magic with a storytelling element. He has potential going up, assuming he didn't have to drop out of Judge Cuts (which I don't think would have happened if they leaked his audition).

  • Christian Guardino/Angelina Green - Obligatory mentions. You know Christian is about to make it further than he needs to. By the good grace of God, NBC doesn't care about him that much. He's really good, but has no connection to the audience and no personality whatsoever. Angelina is a better Evie Clair, and her old soul style could get people on her side. But her buzzer has come so late it's not easy to judge her popularity.

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