The SJW's are losing steam

This falls in the familiar left vs. right war, liberalism vs. conservatism. Big government vs. small government. We all know that debate: the right talks about individual liberty and the left talks about a better society. I heard it explained once that often times the Liberal mindset is that if something ought to be done, the government should be doing it. This is not necessarily a bad thing, there's been a great number of things the government was on the right side of history on. It can protect the individual, it can empower the individual.

Here is why anti-GG is going to win: because they campaign harder to the power structures, whereas the other side doesn't want anything to do with that shit. The other side is actually creative, they're actually intelligent, and they have the ability to make things they want to see. These people, they're not creative. There's only a couple of SJW games and they're shit, these people are idiots, the only thing they have is to complain until someone does the work for them.

They say they're about the individual but we all know that's bullshit. But here's the important part, and this can be applied to all SJW ideology: their terms for victory are more easily achieved than the other side. All they need to do is bitch and complain, and the power structures will do their job: listen and change. That's what they're supposed to do. The terms for the other side are to tell the power structures to not be so fucking weak and awful, but that's harder to do. Sometimes it feels like all people on the GG side do is roll their eyes and wring their hands at the sky.

There need to be some actual terms for victory on the GG side. What does this perfect world look like, and why can't that be done right now? There seems to be enough people involved, is it a successful impartial gaming site? Is it that SJWs stop existing? How can we leverage the fact that these are uncreative assholes to "win?" Fuck, we're talking about people who accept Anthony Burch, it can't be that hard to just make a better product.

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