Chris Avellone secures 7-figure settlement from his accusers who now say “he deserves a full return to the industry”

I'm not surprised, but many of the publications that wrote guilt-suggestive articles at the time of accusation don't seem interested in publishing about this, and many subreddits that allow posts about accusations later ban any posts with updates on the story for being "off topic", including this one.

Even publications that are reporting this story are being super vague to obscure the result of this case and/or downplay the result., for example, published the headline "Dying Light 2 writer Chris Avellone accused of sexual assault and harassment", and the body of the article refers to allegations as if they were "witnessed", not that someone claims to have witnessed them.

Their headline for this story?

"Fallout: New Vegas writer Chris Avellone settles sexual assault allegations"

That's it. No hint that the lawsuit was against his accusers rather than against him, no hint of the 7 figures ordered to be paid to him, no hint of the retraction of his accuser's previous statements, no hint of any of those things in that headline. Just "Accused person settles the allegations made against him".

And the only thing Gamedeveloper has to say about the joint statement?

"A confidential settlement shouldn't be viewed as a determination of fault. Such an outcome generally prevents those involved from disclosing details, making it hard to unpack the allegations made against Avellone."

So that's the best the person who wrote's original article about the accusation could do. Publish a new headline that says a court settlement happened, and then write about how it's difficult to know if Chris Avellone is guilty, even though his accusers just said he 100% did not do the thing they accused him of.

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