I slept (in my bed) during a zoom lecture with my camera on accidentaly (AMA?)

Dude I had a zoom class last year where I quite literally went flying while I was on the call and the professor sand the professor somehow managed to turn on a few Mike's including mine and well well there was the exchange with air traffic control while I was in class on my phone I literally had the 3rd highest grade in that guy's class and the conversation I was having with air traffic control basically consisted of my preference of Doritos before they would give me the information I needed to land including what runway.... I had about 12 messages from friends in that class after the exchange when I realized and I had landed the plane the class watched me land the plane from where my phone was sitting kind of in the little passenger thing on the aircraft cause it was assessed not it's small access now asesna.... Anyway I managed to mute my mic after that and well I did get a message from the professor it was an email and about a month later I took him and his wife flying because he wanted to get her an anniversary present and she had never been in a plane before for whatever reason so I took them on an aerial tour of the area Chicago from the air is very pretty..... Anyway yeah it was both kind of hilarious and cringe as hell so you're not the only one Hang in there buddy there buddy hang in there buddy

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