If you're not love with engineering, that's okay.

The stress and work-life balance has been variable.

If we're talking about putting in the bare minimum, I would say working as an electrician (union) had the lowest levels of stress and highest work-life balance. I worked 36 hour weeks, with every second Monday off (paid). Working overtime was sometimes asked for, though not mandatory, and well remunerated. If you wanted to get into project management or run your own business from there you were well remunerated once again, though taking a hit to stress and work-life balance. But again, for your average union sparky, life's pretty good.

IT was OK in terms of stress and work-life balance. Nothing remarkable to report there, with the similar project management/business options open to you. Business was probably the most demanding, relatively high stress at times and with the least work-life balance of them all, however I made the most during that period of my life.

These are all just my personal anecdotes though, and my attitude towards work has ranged from not giving a single fuck to giving many fucks. The payscale has slid to match those fucks accordingly. If you want to put in the bare minimum with work, any of those vocations will treat you OK. If you want to get a little more involved, they can pay damn well.

Make sure you do see that careers counsellor. Life is too short to spend doing things we don't like. Time is our most precious resource after all.

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