A socialist for Hillary: "I have a hard time accepting that a socialist would oppose trade deals which improves the working conditions of the proletariat around the world."

"The reforms in process are important, but I understand what it looks like to make those concessions. I'll concede that point. But wanting to bring liberals onto the DNC board was a big deal, even if people don't like some of those chosen. And yes, there are some democrats fighting for change. But the democratic party is center left. I want a left party, and for our voices to be heard. I fully support and consider it somewhat of a concession if she does choose Elizabeth Warren. I know she would probably prefer a young up and coming democrat, and many people here have said it. The democratic party has leaned left. But they prefer slow movement over more drastic approaches. From DADT and DOMA to now, many democrats saw this as a progression in the right direction. But we should have the courage to say, we will not waiver on this. The liberal party of Canada is what I would prefer the democrats to be. I'm praising HRC, who doesnt have to make concessions, is. It's good for the party and good for the country."

Direct quote from this guy... wtf the Liberal party of Canada... is left?

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