[SOTC] Seamaster Heavy -- Or Just Right?

I'm looking for opinions on how this collection comes across.

My case for the Seamasters:

I've always been a big fan of the Bond Seamasters. I've owned each generation in blue, but have whittled the collection down to the three above. I do particularly enjoy the contrast between the three, they all share similar design elements, yet are very different in overall styling. The two Bond examples have a striking contrast between certain elements, and still maintain the core design philosophy. I love shifting my eyes between the two. The aluminum bezel and font vs. ceramic. Shifting of the date window and color. Wave impressions on the dial. The Electric Blue Seamaster is the first Omega I remember seeing that I knew I *had* to have. Years ago I sourced an unworn safe queen. I love the fact that the blue is as striking in person as it is in photographs. I love the steel bezel. The Speedy bracelet is best finishing touch on this watch, such an upgrade over the Bond bracelet IMO.

Anyway, the rest of the collection speaks for itself. The Seiko is the SDGM003 for reference which is far more striking in person than the above photograph details!

Opinions and thoughts or advice welcome!

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