No it dod not "just target" underground figures do a bit more research. Also the technology in the 1970s was not what it is today which allows it to be done on a wider scale. I have video evidence of the same military veteran following me in two different states is the world really that small? Since this gangstalking began. I alsp have audio of the department of justice admitting that it is not "paranoia" and that it is a legitamate crime and concern by their words that multiple american citizens are calling and complaining about.

Also the canadiam government lost a lawsuit because it was found they were illegaly experimenting on their on cotizens with psychological torture programs. They lost a class action lawsuit and they were sued.

Had that not been brought to light any canadian cotizen who said that was beimg done to them would have been called a liar because people have been foolishky conditioned to believe governments will not abuse their power and authority to do that despite having a long running history of doing exactly that.

Back in the day with less resources they focused their targets more selectivley, today with the advent of technology, apps, and wireless communications prism programs and mass survielance it is VERY easy to coprdinate an attack on anybody within society who opposes fascist ideals.

Also lots of targets are used as test subjects to train people on to then send them to do it to more important persons.

History will show you people whonise to say "big brother is watching" were called conspiracy loons here we are in 2019 and its no secret to any ody that which was once to be believed as a conspiracy is a fact.

If this shit was real and i was running an evil institution doing these things i would do my damndest to make sure those spdaking out were labled as crazy and dismissed.

I have no record, i have no history of torturing and abusing innocent people the institution im talking about cannot say the same thing, and niether can many of the people employed by them.

They have every reason to lie while I have no reason to do so. If they employ people to gangstalk they employ people to go online and try and refute peoples testimony as well.

Many people are waking up and many people know EXACTLY what is going on and those are the people they what silenced painted as crazy and removed.

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