Soviet Balance Suggestion

But the game is not set in 1941 or 1942, it is set in 1944.

  • the game is clearly set from 1942 to 1945. The Battle of Stalingrad took place from 42-43

lol Soviets just charge machine guns, stupid Eastern Horde

  • the Soviets were desperate to hold Stalingrad and while I understand your disdain for the stereotype created by "Enemy at the Gates", but the Soviets did experience absolutely devastating losses in that battle and were determined to fight to the last man. In many of these cases they did, men fought block to block building to building floor to floor. Pavlov's House was just one example of the Soviet resilience and willing to die to fend off the Germans. The average Soviet soldier's life expectancy during Stalingrad was extremely short, although that would be more due to the nature of the urban fighting taking place there.

The idea that the German generals were the "best minds in military strategy" is also vastly overstated.

  • This is really a farce, Germany's incredible run from 1939-1943 should really be credited to them. Hitler shares the biggest burden for the Germans losing the war, with his ridiculous no step back order to the 6th Army that ultimately caused them to be enveloped and annihilated at Stalingrad among other things. Look at Rommel's run in France and North Africa. Gudieran in France, who could have overwhelmed the Allies and taken the port facilities at Dunkirk had it not been for Hitler's right hand man Göring claiming he could finish the allies off and keep them from evacuating.

France was basically a gift because of how dumb the British and French were when planning their defense.

  • I wouldn't call France a gift at all. The Germans came in and smashed the British and French with inferior vehicles and less mechanized forces. Their superior combined arms tactics and strategy (Developed by Guderian) won them France.
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