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Upon the first read I was blown away by the ending.However, upon reflection, I kind wanted to skip a lot of this book. Other than Ruhn, Lidia, and Ithans storyline/the crossover, I just did not feel invested in Bryce, Hunt or anything else. I found them boring (I get that they’re “healthy” but I’m a casual reader, reading for entertainment. Hunt has a lot of potential, I just don’t think we’ve seen it yet. And Bryce needs to play maybe a more central role? I’ve seen less posts about her and more about Rhys, Ruhn etc. This is supposed to be her story (and Hunts I guess). I think after CC3 is done, I might take a break from Sarah J Maas. It’s just the main characters don’t feel like main characters to me, the side characters and their relationships shine a lot more for me. ACOTAR had me so invested in Rhys, Feyre, and their crew, including the villains. But this book lacked that :( I do like it, I just wish it was a tiiiny but better.

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