I started cutting myself

People will not have sympathy for you. Ur therapist doesn’t, the cop yelling u to not to jump doesn’t. You are the only one with the power to change your circumstances. I respect your opinion and whatever decision you will make. I respect the ambiguity for your situation. Please empower yourself. You can keep cutting yourself. Because I don’t understand your pain. Nobody ever will. I do not feel I have the right to comment on ur decision. I’m just saying whatever you do, only do it for yourself. Plenty of people out there wish you to be safe, but only you have the right to make decisions about your life. Cutting is not right, but cutting is not wrong. Cuz they don’t know what ur going through. I’m sorry if this comment doesn’t help. I’m sorry if this comment makes people mad. As someone who suffers from issues for nearly a decade. I tried plenty of therapy n medicine alike n I hope I hv learnt to help myself with I’m going through hell without anybody there to help me. N they won’t.

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