Started writing a book. Should I continue?

Normally Brittainy cooks a huge meal, but she just wasn’t feeling up to it. So we decided to scale back a bit and take it easy. If you knew my wife you would definitely start thinking something was wrong at this point. Brit is an amazing cook and should be a chef at a five-star restaurant. She is very passionate about cooking but doesn’t want to make it a job because she’s afraid she will start to dread cooking instead of loving it. She has been asked to cater a few events and even a wedding. I keep begging her to make it into a business, but she isn’t the kind of person to take a risk without knowing that everything will work out how she wants it to. Therein, making the “risk” factor null (I told you she was a planner). Even after not wanting to make a huge feast, I thought nothing of it. What was wrong with me? This should have been clue number two after the schoolwork episode. The next clue was how little she ate at the Thanksgiving meal. Again...I missed that one too. I know I’m not very observant, just ask my wife. I never see that ONE hair that’s not in place on her head filled with billion other ones that are perfectly arranged. I mean I should have seen that right? Or, the piece of pepper stuck in her teeth after a meal. Since I’m not deaf and don’t read lips, I don’t stare at her mouth while she talks, but I should have seen ONE tiny, little piece of peppercorn in her teeth, right? Now looking back, I don’t know how we missed the early signs that she was pregnant.
After not eating much at Thanksgiving, Brittainy started to feel nauseous for a few days. Brittainy finally called the doctor for some anti-nausea medicine after she couldn’t eat much for about a week. She had some in the past for a time when she was sick with the flu and it worked great. She was hoping to get the same stuff, but this time it was a pill instead of syrup. She was really disappointed about this, but took it in hopes that she would feel better. Well, it did nothing. Why the doctor didn’t ask about the possibility of pregnancy first still confuses me, but maybe they thought she had already ruled this out. Since the medicine had done nothing, Brit decided she needed to go see the doctor to figure out what was going on. She decided to rule out the possibility of pregnancy first before making an appointment.

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