Step1: Buy 1mil followers, Step2: Poorly photoshop yourself tall and skinny, Step3: Buy fake likes and comments, Step4: Profit?

Dustin Buysse is a savvy professional, with a lengthy track record as a top online marketer and executive. He is a Serial Entreprenuer/Social Media & Online Marketing Innovater . His work at interactive media firms, adn industry-leading, affiliate networks specializing in performance based marketing as well as Data and Lead sales and Social Media Management have accelerted him to a well known Internet Marketer and Innovater!

Born in a small rural farm community in Minnesota, Dustin was raised in a town where hard work, values and traditions were a way of life. After graduation, he enrolled in college and travelled across the US and abroad. He later served as an executive on the corporate level of two, million dollar Direct Sales companies. Dustin helped design, launch and rebrand several major companies as well as managed an online marketing firm for over a decade.

Dustin’s approachability and ability to communicate the complexities of affiliate marketing and direct sales have made him an executive who is highly sought in the industry. His tireless pursuit for excellence, knowledge and his sterling reputation are factors new and existing clients have come to depend on.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Dustin has been featured in Home Business Connection magazine and appeared as a featured guest on various radio shows. In 2001, his weight loss story was shared in the popular Low Carb Living after he lost 140 pounds, founded a low carb nutritional company and spoke at the Natural Foods West Expo.

Besides making great strides in his career, Dustin is a sports fan, avid card collector and gamer. He currently lives in Bridge City, Texas and is the proud, full-time father of a twelve-year-old daughter named Kerista.


Social Media Branding and Management Affiliate Network and Advertiser Consulting Online lead Lead generation Pay per Click Marketing Expert Media buying Social Media Advertising Direct response marketing and much much more.

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