When you spell out leftist beliefs plain and simple.

I'm not sure who you're referring to with that "you" statement, im ethically Swedish. But im American enough to spit in your eye for that douche-riffic essay. You should enroll in a few history courses at your local CC, you obviously have an interest in it. You're so full of shit that I genuinely can't tell how you fit your head so far up your own ass. Maybe take a poli-sci class, some history, maybe even anthropology bc your cursory, 2D understanding of how the modern world, and it's inherent political/economic/cultural systems work seems a little myopic. Of course if you're just lazy, sure, fine, white people did it all. Go eat some glue.

I'd assume you didn't study biology either, bc based on your post you have yet to learn that genetic diversity is actually greater in Sub-Saharan Africa than anywhere else on earth. Of course that doesn't mean anything other than that only certain DNA groups left the continent, not all, but it sounds like you're more into the Nurture side of the debate, VS Nature, if you catch my drift. Take an anthropology course for good measure.

I guess my point is just that you should read a book or two, bc you are working way too hard to sound like such a fucking idiot. Back to my original question, seeing as how your pushing this white diversity stuff (which is objectively true and valid, just not as evidence to demean someone else), who, the fuck are you talking about when you say, Western Society? The Greeks, the Italians? Are you tacitly thanking the Arabs for retaining that culture for us while Europe was fucking sheep for 400 years after the fall of the Byzantine empire? Do you know what Chalarmagne's political leanings were? How about what Napoleon intended to do with the New World before a slave revolt in Haiti upended those plans and we got a sweet deal on the Louisana Purchase? How about precolonial African empires? What do you know about their guiding principles? Do you have any idea what you're actually talking about?

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