Still on first watch - is it just me or does Janelle slowly show her true bitchy-ness?

Janelle is definitely passive aggressive but Meri made a big deal last season of wanting to talk to Janelle about the pond and it having something to do with the Lehi house. Said she wanted to have an open conversation and deal with the issue. So Janelle said yes it sucked you made everyone walk outside instead of through your apartment, it came off as controlling and it was hard when you'd get mad and slam doors. Meri then said she was feeling a wall and she didn't think this should be about what she did wrong and shut it down. Then on the couch was saying yeah I slammed doors sometimes. And? kinda attitude.

So Janelle couldn't win. Meri wanted a conversation but when Janelle said how she felt, Meri didn't want to hear it. So you can see how they ended up being as toxic as each other but in different ways. Meri confronts and says let's work this out but doesn't want to hear anything negative about her behaviour, so Janelle thinks what's the point? She asks me what I think, I tell her and she says she feels attacked so we have to stop. It puts Meri in the position of being a victim in a conversation Janelle didn't want to have but Meri instigated.

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