[Stories] Name a work experience where it caused you to leave the job because you didn't want to go against your values?

I used to work at an automotive shop many years ago. Batteries, tires, alignments, mufflers. I was the battery guy. Diagnose problems and sell new and used batteries. We used to receive pallets of batteries that had been turned in from other battery shops around the area. I would go through them and often find a few or several good used ones in each pallet, which I would then clean up and sell, usually for $19.95. I actually even sold a few for very little if the person was in a bad way and the owner wasn't there. It was a good fun job and I liked it even though the owner was a dick most of the time but he left me alone. He was also the head deacon at the biggest church in that town.

After I had been there a year or so the owner came in to my area and told me that the following month we (I) would start cleaning and painting the batteries black. They would then “legally” be considered rebuilt batteries and we would be charging $29.95 and $39.95. For a used battery with 50 cents worth of paint on it. I balked and argued with him about it. I told him it was dishonest and misleading. He said it was legal. I said that doesn't make it right. He said I could do it or else. I said let me think about it for a few days.

Now, I am not a salesman. I wouldn’t last a day at BB or RS or places where they try to up-sell you or push a useless maintenance agreement on you or ask you five times to apply for a credit card. I'm just not made that way. Pushing something they don't need on some unsuspecting little old lady to meet a sales goal for some manager is, to me, just sleazy and dishonest. So when I went back in on Monday I told him I would be unable to carry out his new business plan. He tried to convince me to stay but I could not do it on those terms. So I left.

Then about 6 months after I left someone turned him in to the state for not paying overtime and he had to pay us all back wages. Within another year or so he sold the business because no one would do business with him any more. Scumbag! He deserved it.

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