Story of a cancer survivor ( long text)

I think Dr. Joe Dispenza repaired his shattered spine essentially just with visualization; he talks about it in interviews on Youtube if you're interested. And here's an interesting story about a Buddhist monk revivifying a gangrenous limb through meditation. There are lots of stories like this if you look for them. Lots of people have experienced miracle healings at the fountain at Lourdes, in France, apparently just by believing strongly that the fountain has healing powers. People have had cancer remit while taking a placebo they believe is a revolutionary new treatment. People with dissociative identity disorders manifest diseases, and even change eye-colors, as they present different identities.

Don't be too quick to ascribe limits to what the mind can do, because we really don't know anything about it. Hermeticists say that the universe is really just one vast mind, in which case your beliefs might be your only limitations.

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