Strange experiences with dmt

Yes! I remember nearly all of it, which is probably still only 1%. But in comparison to normal trips, thats 100,000x more. I remember seeing my whole life at once. Well not my whole life but the key moments that are pushing me to the path I am supposed to be on. The moments were I was supposed to learn something that I may not have known at the time.

i got to see time for what it is? Like it wasn't irrelevant but it exists for us to experience this life. the next part is a bit odd for me to say out loud (figuratively) but i was shown the other side of the curtain without any sugar coating. From how this reality exists to why it exists, what happens after this life, the truth behind religions and even what "god" is. And it's still mind boggling to me as I am not religious at all. If anything, I was against the idea of religion.

So many things I saw and experienced that do not have a point of reference for here, which normally would explain the experience but I am at a loss for an explanation.

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