Submitting lesson plans are the biggest waste of time.

uS mIlLeNniAls. I'm a millennial too bud, didn't realize you dislike older teachers, but anyways it shouldn't be taking you hours to copy and paste your lesson after you've made your resources and if you actually know what you're doing. Pressing control v and then typing 5 minutes next to it isn't difficult. You act like you've never forgotten anything in your life. At no point did I say a detailed lesson plan was the holy grail buddy, I just said it's nice to keep people accountable and that I like knowing me and everyone else has a plan. If you're just gonna lecture for an hour and call it day you don't need anything, but if I have a bunch of things planned in a day I want to get to it sure is nice that I have it written down somewhere all the activities I have planned for something I'm doing a week from now.

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