Suggestions on a new vape?

Short answer: save up. Anything you get for under $100 is going to be trash.

Long answer: If you want something portable and quality all around, GPEN is where it’s at. Overall I was happy but it definitely has its downsides: chamber was massive so you tend to use more bud than needed. Charge didn’t last too long, and it didn’t hit as you would expect a vape to hit. Also, pain in the ass to clean.

Recommendation: Arizer solo 2. Got this after my gpen. It’s pricey ($200) but worth every penny. Now, if you need something you can carry around in your pocket this isn’t it. Although it is portable, it’s too big to put in your pocket. It’s similar to the size of a beer bottle. Now the pros: hits phenomenally, clean, smooth pull. Super easy to clean, the glass piece removes from the mod so you can clean it no problem. The chamber is a perfect size. Unlike the gpen, with the solo 2 I would get multiple quality sessions and the chamber is probably 1/5 the size of the gpen’s chamber. Super easy to use, holds an outstandingly long charge, and I’m pretty sure you can get attachments for oil or dabs (not sure but think I remember reading that)

Now I think the gpen was like $150 and the solo2 $200. Both are quality vapes but definitely the solo is the way to go. Don’t waste your money on an $80 vape or anything less than that. Your going to hate it and wish you just saved up a little longer and got something worth your while.

Lastly- I was like you and wasn’t sure to begin. Go to YouTube and type dry herb vaporizer reviews. There are tons of videos out there with quality reviews which prompted both of my purchases.

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