Sunil Chhetri Becomes First Footballer To Receive Khel Ratna Award (The highest sporting honour of India)

Yeah I do.

I would like to consider myself a centrist and by no means is Modi's regime a "Fascist" state, I am in it's stance because there is NO other viable alternative.

If you do not live in India and need a take. India's political situation is too much of a shitshow to be openly taking sides.// "suprise" "suprise". Modi's party has regressed by a lot in the spam of last few years and is by no means facist and only categories as a hindu nationalist party due the nature of its formation. Few of which boils down(and those which I am Primarily concerned) to buying out other party's corrupted and murderous politicians to pave a way to win elections with minimal efforts. Instead of working on well worked youth leaders. What I mean to say is, I see it as transgressing itself into the same very party it defeated (the opposition - which ruled for over 60 years) There are no winners here.

  1. Western media is heavily biased when it comes to indian news for reasons such as india's positive political stance with countries like Russia or Israel. Add up to the fact that most sites predominantly left leaning but the defination of "liberalism" itself gets skewed by these "political parties" in such a multiregional and diverse and easily swayed country such as India and thereby Shanklys term do not compare. The way I see it is Modi's government has done a lot for minorities in every aspect, he has done more in terms of education (minorities) than what the previous government accomplished in 60 years. While the opposition purposefully kept the muslims in dark, by defination Modi's right winged party does and has done more for the betterment of the not so well of and marginalized people.

Went on too much of a rant here. There are several 100 aspects I could cover but I don't thing I will be changing anyones mind on reddit of all places. But if you really want to see I urge you to check the stats and statements yourself for several DIFFERENT sources. Consuming news from a singular news source would only lead to a skewed perspective when the issue not as simple. It's a classic case of internet fragmentation.

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