"The Supreme Court’s Newest Justices Produce Unexpected Results: The percentage of liberal decisions in unanimous cases so far this term is just 30, the lowest since 1953; But the story changes in divided cases, where 64 percent of decisions have been liberal, the highest since 1968"

Two rulings, decided in different parameters and one of which with a different set of judges, do not break a trend. It wasn't ″dooming″ when SCOTUS gutted the VRA on partisan lines; we′re trying to get that fixed today, because Republicans used it to set a new generation of voter restrictions. It wasn't dooming when DC vs Heller, decided on partisan lines, ended prosecution of unscrupulous arms dealers over night and kicked off the largest expansion of gun law repeals in American history.

And the fact that several SCOTUS judges on the bench now have expressed interest in overturning Stare Decisis with regards to Casey and Roe, and they took up the abortion case after a circuit court granted stay, indicates a faction of them believe they have the votes to change things. And they do.

Admitting you were wrong isn't an option, I know, so where will you move your own goalposts after SCOTUS allows for partial or complete abortion bans?

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