Suspensions of up to 3 months

Seems like more work anyways. I’d rather they focus on improving the client.. so shit like that doesn’t have to happen.

I mean I understand people are pissed about their rankings especially this late in the season but it’s not like they’re going to be able to put together a new top 1500 list. Anyone who played events gets refunded already and gets the rest of their event to earn free rewards.

I mean if they weren’t able to turn the card off in a timely manner how long will they be wasting time sorting through bans and basically giving each one a “judgement”. I honestly don’t think they will, and if they do it’ll be mostly f2p accounts. I say just move forward and improve, fuck all this retribution talk the bug is fixed get over it.

And no I never played it or played against it but still it’s just a game and it’s their mistake.

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