Taking the initiative with the gods is important — some advice for new Hellenists

Nice! I love to hear stories of interactions with less-than-appreciated gods.

I think a lot of new folks should learn about separating myths from the gods who appear in them: We've all heard the stories of Zeus's various sexual partners, Hera's wrath, Aphrodite's fickleness, etc., but those stories were the result of humans trying to make sense of the world around them through the context of their own cultural biases. The muses imparted divine knoweldge, but it was colored by the fallibility of human memory and limitations.

In reality, the gods are wholly good beings who are above our understanding, and their stories, while entertaining, were never meant to be taken literally. The gods aren't going to personally show up in human form and tear you a new one if you upset them: They are above such pettiness in reality. Instead, you should focus on piety and extending your hands in greeting and thanks. You cannot anger them any more than a single ant can anger you.

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