Tax seems like an area ripe for automation via artificial intelligent

No offense but people who write those "computers/AI are taking over every job in the world" are usually wrong and the authors generally don't know what they're talking about. While it is likely that jobs at simple 1040 tax prep places are probably going to be heavily automated, professional tax jobs don't involve just filling out tax forms 40+ hours a week. They involve judgment, planning, etc.

Not to sound anti-science or something but there was an article (or maybe video) I watched recently that was from 10-15 years ago, and stated that countless jobs would be eliminated in 10-15 years (thus why the article/video was made recently, to check if the original piece was correct), and their original estimate was way off.

Additionally, a friend of mine just had an interview at a software company who was creating a new tax software. The software was great, but they were hiring tax accountants to be constantly checking the software for accuracy, updates, etc.

My point is, jobs change, things get automated, and more jobs are made, many of which still require people with tax/law knowledge.

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