Thanksgiving depression

I know the feeling. My parents divorced when I was in highschool. Both of them remarried. I quit speaking to my father and his side of the family several years ago. The step family my mom married into are great and decent people, they're just not "family" to me. I started the day in a bit of a pity party by myself but decided to go to the store and get my animals some canned food for something extra on their dinners tonight. While I was there I saw a couple not only living in their car in the parking lot, but using the sun on their dashboard to heat their's 39 degrees outside right now. I took a moment and contemplated life. I hope things get better for them but I'm glad my life isn't there and very lucky to have the things that I do. I spent time after that having lunch with my mom who's a nurse at a hospital. I saw people coming and going to visit family members that certainly weren't having their ideal Thanksgiving and again realized that I'm glad my life is where it is and not where it could be. Now I'm getting ready to take my dog for a run through the forest, which is of course, his happiest of times. I started the day kind of upset that I don't celebrate the usual Thanksgiving like most people, but to be honest I'm quite happy and proud of what my day is and that it's certainly not as unfortunate as it could be. Holidays after divorced parent's can be rough. Its not what it once was but it can always be what you choose to make it. If you're depressed about the situation, maybe you Dad is too. Maybe see what he's up to and start a new tradition this year. Even if it's nothing like the normal Thanksgiving, it can be your thing that makes it that much more special.

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