Thoughts on police trade in guns?

I was born into a mormon family, and raised in a conservative and bigoted environment, which fucked me up as a kid. I am queer, and I was taught to hate queer people so I hated myself. I was a misogynist, I believed my faith to be the only true faith, etc. It took a long time to undo those prejudices and learn to love others and to love myself.

After being burned so badly by religion, I was an atheist for a long while. In truth, while I am practicing wicca to some degree and studying it as well as following its ethos (namely, if it harms no one, then do what you will), I'm not a true believer in the deities because I just have a hard time achieving a personal relationship with gods after having believed in a god that was hateful and judgmental and oppressive, and so I am distrustful of belief in deity and don't want to let myself believe in the god and goddess of wicca unless I have sufficient positive experiences and associations to naturally build faith in that way. As such, I still have a very scientific outlook on the world, and see a lot of what is called magic as being the force of concentrated will or of commanding our focus so that we become better at noticing opportunities to better ourselves. I don't believe in magic that violates the laws of nature, nor do most wiccans, as magic is basically just a more structured/meditated form of prayer. I also don't believe that I'm practicing ancient witchcraft. While there are many elements that are borrowed from historical or traditional sources, this is a new age religion and I accept that. It doesn't have to be literally true for it to have power for me, just like the deities don't have to be a certain way (which is important for me, because having a god and goddess as literal gendered deities would be a red flag for me as transphobic, but the way I and many wiccans think of them is more as representations or aspects of the divine that explain or categorize certain natural phenomena, possibly as aspects of a single god, or a universal energy that isn't a personage but still exercises divine or higher power)

Now, as to why an anarchist would be a wiccan: I hate organized religion for all the ways it oppresses and pacifies the working class, but wicca is grassroots, with no large congregations and no centralized hierarchy it is truly a people's religion, as no member has any power over the others. The principles encouraged by it are excellent, including protection of the environment, women's liberation, sex positivity, queer positivity, anti-racism (although sadly a lot of white yuppies gloss over that part and/or culturally appropriate with abandon, but there are also a growing number of leftist wiccans, who are more careful in that regard), and doesn't put arbitrary moral restrictions on people, be they sexual, behavioral, or any such thing, except for the single precept that anything that doesn't cause harm, anyone should allow anyone else to do. Basically golden rule kind of stuff. Much better than mormonism or most of christianity.

Why I specifically got into it:

I have had severe depression and anxiety for over a year now, and though I've been having treatment for it, it's still a problem to a noticeable degree, and my partner and I had a miscarriage a few months ago, so pretty much since then I have been kind of lost and in need of some feeling of security, which answered prayers or acknowledging some loving power in the universe would do well for. Wicca was the only religion whose moral precepts and doctrine I found appealing at the time I started looking for god(s), and it stuck with me after trying it out.

Is there something wrong with wicca/being a wiccan in your opinion?

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