Thr idea of mob beatings/abuse would make more sense if a better author wrote such a thing.

The way and the intention they wrote is the problem, as it seems like the entire villagers are fearless idiot that sole existence is to be hated and serve as an excuses/justification of him gone Edgy. They should've known there's a monster inside that him but they aren't afraid? and the upper brass isn't really doing anything? that's plain lazy writing.

There are more ways to 'reject' one person existence than just a Lazy idiot mob doing idiot mob thing, the canon ways of 'isolation' is fatal enough to a person mind, bring it to the extreme where no one even as much glance to their general direction and not even acknowledging their presence/existence will really fucked them up, even worse if they somehow make those that still interact with them normally won't be able to do so anymore.

It doesn't really need to have Master Author to accomplish this, a decent one that isn't too lazy and really want to explore such topic can do it just as well.

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