TIL in 2001 Bush bought a plane for $911 and registered in Al Qeada's name,then parked it in World trade center and racked up financial damage totalling 420 billion dollars.

I would gently caress Megyn Kelly's face, moving the tips of my fingers over the top of her ear and pushing her hair back, then I would gently kiss her lips. Immediately after I'd start working my tongue into her Republican mouth.

As it is normally, things will slowly escalate in intensity. Our hands start caressing each others' bodies, kissing more deeply with some slight moans and flirting mixed in.

Then I'd turn her around 180 degrees while kissing her neck as her moans start escalating.

It wouldn't be long before I felt I had the green light to lift up that classic little black dress and pulling down her thong.

I'd tease with some cock rubbing on her pussy lips before plunging deep and firmly, but slowly into that uptight conservative puss.

I'd keep her in doggy until she inevitably decides that she's going to take charge like the type A Nordic fox she is.

She'd push me down onto her Ronald Reagan themed bed and ride my cock like it's a luxury SUV.

"Oh Megyn", I quietly moan. "The world does need American military and diplomatic leadership". I can feel myself getting ready to bust soon, and as is often my policy in that situation, I grab her and put her under me, put her legs over my shoulders and plow that conservaminge as hard as I can.

Her moans escalate, "yes" "fuck" "oh god" are exclaimed in between squeals and feminine grunts.

I'm ready to blow and her hot body with that pretty face is just too much.

I feel my pre-cum surging out and my cock throbs to full size, she does that thing where women scream in pleasure with their face and body but no noise comes out of their mouth for a few seconds before a high pitched gasping and moaning returns.

Her hot and tight pussy clenches and I'm about to burst, I put my lips next to her ear and whisper "Wall Street has taken democracy from Americans and criminals need to be brought to justice"

I pull out and ropes of tiny Bernie Sanders clones paint her body as they fly out my dick

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