Till when till lockdown type restriction on small business continue. MH government will have plan better and allow small business to earn their livelihood.

You can't say anything against the lockdown on this sub, you're going to be called a troll and downvoted.

I had tried to point out just yesterday that it is unacceptable that BMC just keeps extending restrictions without having any properly defined exit strategy, or offering any financial assistance to those being forced to stay shut.

We absolutely need restrictions to control the pandemic but we need to follow the science. Mumbai's numbers are now better than they were in March, plus almost 50 lakh people have taken one vaccine.

BMC needs to start gradual reopening of businesses that are fully closed but they're dragging their feet because the longer they keep this pseudo lockdown, the more vasooli they can collect from businesses to give exceptions. Example- movie shoots are allowed while shops in malls cannot open, how are movies higher priority? Because that industry pays ₹₹ through their contacts.

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