Tiny House vs Buying a Single Family Home?

It's been a while since I've done the math, but the smaller home is almost always better if trying to maximize raw money. Yes you get 5X leverage, but you also get 5x leverage on all your fees.

Think of it this way, in your first year: you give me $50,000 and I'll tell you I can leverage it 5X on the value of your home. But I want you to pay 3% interest on the 4X amount (12%), 2% tax on the 5X amount (10%), 1% insurance on the 5X amount (5%), plus any repairs. That is, I'll leverage your $50k, but I want 29% in fees this first year.

If you think home values will go up more than 29% at 5 X leverage, fine. But I feel this "bigger home" thing is a myth

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