Trisha doesn’t actually care about SA victims.

It shows up when I’m logged out. But not when I’m logged in to this account. Maybe because I already interacted with it? But they for sure are removing posts. I’ve commented on various posts like this. Then an hour later I get a DM from op asking if I can still see the post. And it says removed then they say how they didn’t take it down. The mods are for sure taking down posts. Idk if that means actual crew from the podcast are doing it. But they for sure are removing it. The exact thing they criticized David for doing. Ethan isn’t dumb he knows the new frenemies audience thinks Trisha has said some bad ignorant things. He knows if people found out that she has done actual crimes and is just as bad as the people they are criticizing a lot of the new fans would snap out of it and stop supporting.

The best post that laid it all out had like 500 upvotes and was removed by the mods. Don’t be surprised if this gets traction then taken down keep an eye out for it

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