UCLA Track athlete uses the n with hard -er and the f word

I honestly agree, and I am someone who has been bullied and shat on throughout my entire life because I grew up as a non-white/latino dude in white/latino community. Talking verbal and physical abuse. So, this is coming from someone who is fully aware of how traumatizing racism can be. Yes, what came out of Christopher’s mouth was horrible, and nobody should ever say that. But I don’t see how completely cancelling him and essentially ruining his life over this is going to fix anything. Whether you guys like it or not, all of us have some degree of racial bias within us. I’ve seen it time and time again from people who are self-proclaimed social justice warriors at the surface but show their true colors amongst crowds they are comfortable with. Honestly, cancel every single racist on the face of this earth, and what do you end up with? Just a bunch of racists with more fear and resentment in their hearts. It feels like the human equivalent of smacking tf outta your dog if it shits on the carpet. I think that more proactive measures should be taken in society, such as mandatory racial bias training in K-12 education would be a far more productive than this reactionary, caustic patchwork that is somehow considered a “solution”. Obviously, something needs to be done. But ruining someone’s life, even over something that seems as serious as this, shouldn’t be the answer.

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