I feel so shitty and I am just crying because there’s nothing I can do!!!!

In regards to labs, that's completely overrated. Don't focus on just getting in, make sure you actually fit there and aren't going to be miserable. If your PI makes fun of you/has scary mood swings, like leave. Immediately, like day 1. Don't be stupid, listen to people, and fall into the trap that you need to put up with it. It's much worse to put in so many hours and disregard that lab for a letter of rec because you don't trust that PI to call you stupid in that haha.

As for the responses, there's a ton of undergrads here looking for spots, so it's more likely they'd take you in if you're a student as they're familiar with your prep courses (which you usually need before getting a spot anyways).

Don't fixate too much on the inability to get internships. I'm pretty sure schools will understand why you weren't as active during this time.

I totally feel your pain on that last part right now. I'm applying to the easiest to-get-into schools/so ridiculously broad just to guarantee that I can leave LA by this time next year. I just want to make my own decisions.

Things'll pass though. You'll see!

I'll hopefully see not in LA ;)

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