so uh, how is Ranked 2.0 better in anyways? if anything it just made the rank you hit less valuable (some screenshots i gathered over the internet)

Issue with that is probaly in the amount of reports in siege I'd bet good money that for every game there is atleast 2 reports cause god this game as much as I love it is full of assholes, and fools who can't tell the differance between good and cheating, so honestly for ubi it's probaly gotten to the point where no point listening to anything without 70% truth (ie why sending videos showcasing it work more often then just clicking report), that said kinda wish they did take more reports seriously but is what it is.

Also this is me being curious but how exactly would reporting help deal with the boosting issue? I'm genuinely curious cause no idea how you'd prove that when honestly we all have games where we can look like we are getting boosted.

As for the duo thing eh that would be a major pain so makes sense it's scraped, I feel better to just find ways to incentivise actually helping and using your coms regardless of freinds maybe with the new commendation feature we will see some more comms without ruining the play with freinds.

But back to the ranked system stuff personal opinion but both systems sucked and never realy felt valuable but who knows maybe ubi can find a middle ground between them and get a proper valuable rank system going.

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