Nerfs should only be used for extreme cases. Buffs should be more common

I do agree that buffs should be prioritized, but with Siege it's complicated

The current Meta is current in a deadlock, where if you nerf on side, the other side could get busted

Also, a lot of OPs that were nerfed had a good reason for it to happen, like how the R4C was pretty much the perfect weapon with High DPS, high ROF and zero recoil, or how Jager was (and still is) an OP with zero drawbacks to using him, making him a must pick because of tje Meta while having no disadvantages to his presence. Most nerfs are not because they are popular, but because they have a reason behind their popularity that needed to be addressed

I really would like to see more buffs, specially to OPs that have been underpowered for years now, but trying to buff them would be pointless when you still have OPs like Jager, that are pretty much a must pick, and the current Utility based meta still being in play.

Ubi needs to deal with the utility meta before they even think of doing any sort of buffs, otherwise any buffed OPs will continue being irrelevant because they are not within that meta

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