Why does no one on Xbox use their mic?

Add another 10 to that and were on the same page. Dont assume anothers age by its interpreting skills. İ didnt say i was butthurt or playing on PS (i only told you pc and xbox but you smh came to conclusion of ps?) İ did not see logic in your original post. Why play on a console you so hate? That is the funniest part here. Also didnt state anything that caused you to say "UGGH İTS JUST AN OPİNİON UUHH" cuz i also STATED my OPİNİON. Kappa? Now who is butthurt here? Cuz im smiling since you first used "gaybox" as if i cared what you call us. For as far as i care, i could call you pc master race or gaystation, wouldnt make any difference now would it?

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