Fun Fact about the Shumika Launcher: It’s real! This is the Kulakov Revolver Grenade Launcher, a prototype Soviet grenade launcher developed around 1943 to 1944, making it the world’s first rotary grenade launcher

Fair to address that part, I went off on quite the tangent for a bit there. But it's not a myth, the same went for their rifles as their submachine guns, and their light machine guns. America, in coordination with the lend lease act, supplied the USSR with some of its own guns, particularly durring the battle of Stalingrad. Even now, Russians fighting in Ukraine have been spotted wielding Thompson submachine guns still in the country from the ordeal. The only reason the PPSH 41 saw wide use, was due to the fact that Stalin, or someone with more sense stepped in and mandated the production of the cheap, but reliable submachine guns, despite the fact that soviet generals found both smg's, and anti-tank weaponry "unnecessary".

The soviets sent close to or more than two MILLION soldiers to Stalingrad. The Germans did catch the Soviets off their guard, but getting all the way to Stalingrad was a slow process, and even by then, the Soviet Union did not have enough weapons to supply their soldiers.

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