Unjerk Thread of February 26, 2019

Lol so it seems like, according to top comments on r/games, GOG discontinuing their Fair Price Package program is just Epic's fault, and Steam was never that bad for taking 30% of sales because it was a "standard" at the time.

While I see that Epic at least had a hand in this, you can't seriously be so upset that they're giving developers a better deal. 30% for the retailer used to be the standard. Things change. That's how shit works. We can't live in 2007 forever.

Now the big problem is, what's to stop these big corporations from crowding little guys out of the retail market? My response to those people is "Vote for politicians who will enact better consumer protections and other regulations around video games." But apparently that's not how it works, because elections don't happen every year and we shouldn't interfere in the free market.

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