Is it unrealistic to want at least one BEST friend?

Eh, I wanted to have a friend as you described, a friend who would do anything for me. And believe me, I found her, in the most unexpected place and time. I did not searched for her, we just met, and we clicked instantly. It was cool, it was best two years of my life, with her. But did you noticed how I said it was? Yeah... That's other side of the story. As she came in my life unexpected, so she left the same way. Two beautiful years of friendship was destroyed by one bad month, in which we only fought, but I won't be getting more into these details because it's a long story. She left me with a big hole in the heart, which I don't know if anyone will ever be able to fill. So what I wanted to say was: there is a chance that you will find a true best friend, most likely it will be the most unexpected person, at the most unexpected time,. And please, if you find this person, appreciate him/her. Don't make my mistakes.

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