Update on my acer.

I grew up dirt poor and now I do just fine as a business owner. My ass hasn't been in the trenches for a long time. I work with many of my clients directly because I choose to. I enjoy working with people and keeping my skills sharp (easy to lose these skills as an IT manager or department head at a large firm). I appreciate the concern, though. Maybe if you went back to work in the field you would have less time to have a pissing match with some random guy on reddit during work hours while your assistants and employees do the real work for you.
I'll point out, again, nothing you have threadcrapped since your first post has been at all helpful to the OPs question in any way. If you want to keep losing this argument, feel free to DM me. But, I'm not going to keep responding in this thread that is supposed to be meant to help this guy.

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