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In May 2002 former stars of the Universal Wrestling Alliance Y2J1100 and Nick the Funkmaster announced that they had been secretly training ten students and that these students, along with them and a few others, would form the roster of Reddit Championship Wrestling. Why this was the name, no one was quite sure, but they played along anyway.

Those ten students seemed to be just like any of the men who walked into pro wrestling. Young, naive, some of them assholes, but little did anyone know they would wind up having very, very interesting careers. Some reached the top of the world, some became kings of puro, some wallowed around as reliable indie jobbers, but all of them had interesting careers. So sit down, and I'll tell you their story.

Road Warriors Season 1: Episode 1 (May 2002 to December 2002)

RCW launched on Saturday, Week 3, May 2002. This was the night the Road Warriors made their debuts and since this is an important show, here is the results in full.

Reddit Championship Wrestling Night of Rage

At the North Amherst Rec Center in front of 28 People!

  1. The Funkmaster defeated Josh Moon (50%)
  2. Backstage Segment with SoCal Val and Bill Alfonso (51%)
  3. Eric Bruce defeated Kenneth Belfort (17%)
  4. Lukke Arthur defeated Kyle Scott to win the RCW Wrestling Spirit Championship (17%)
  5. Confrontation between Johnny Bahamas and Dallas Steele (22%)
  6. Micheal Dunn defeated Arthur Collins (16%)
  7. Johnny Bahamas defeated Dallas Steele to win the RCW World Championship (19%)

Rough, rough day at the office. I feel bad for everyone involved. But, the warriors somehow got other work based on these matches, while The Funkmaster decided to stay in RCW and bury everyone involved. Let's look at what was achieved this year.

WORKER #1: Arthur Collins

The Irishman had a good STRONG STYLE year, going from losing to Micheal Dunn on the opener to feuding with Johnny Bahamas over the world title for the better part of the year. Collins also journeyed to NOAH where he is getting good experience working with some good workers.

Employment History: RCW (May 2002 to Present), Pro Wrestling NOAH (August 2002 to Present

Accomplishments: #364 in the Power 500 for 2002

Current Positions: Face Midcarder (Cocky) in RCW; Heel Opener (Cocky) in NOAH

Top 3 Matches

  1. Tomoaki Honma defeated Arhur Collins (NOAH, December) (59%)
  2. Arthur Collins, Kyle Scott & Jun Izumida defeated Hirai, Honda & Arashi (NOAH, November) (52%)
  3. Arthur Collins & Ray Gordy defeated Asian Coogar & Mitsuo Momota (NOAH, October) (50%)


Collins has shown a good rise in his puro skills, as well as basics and psychology.

WORKER #2: Dallas Steele

The Immculate one started the year losing to Johnny Bahamas in the RCW World Title match. He feuded with Bahamas, filing to capture the belt before starting a winning streak beating Ron Killings, Tyler Emerson and The Funkmaster. Dallas also went to NOAH where he is starting to improve his skills. However, in his match with Funkmaster at RCW Powerslave, Dallas suffered a Damaged Ligament in his knee and will be out of action until May 2003.

Employment History: RCW (May 2002 to Present), Pro Wrestling NOAH (August 2002 to Present)

Accomplishments: #394 in the Power 500 for 2002

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