Have you ever been harassed or stalked by a man who thought he was being romantic?

Yes... a guy who KNEW I was going through a harsh breakup and that I didn't want anything with him. At the beginning he was friendly and normal, and even shared his own disgraced love stories with me.

But then, a week later, he started being creepy. I was in a trip to Germany with two girlfriends for some metal gigs, and he sent me a message asking the name of the hotel I was at. I asked "Why do you want to know?" and then he sent me a message back: a picture of his smiling face at the airport, in line to buy tickets, saying that he was going to meet me there. I answered: "WTF? It's meant to be a girl's trip... and even if it wasn't, why would you come? You don't even like the festival bands..."

He then sent me a message apologizing for the "bad call", saying he just missed me and our chats... and that was that.

Once I was back though, things went downhill quickly: I found out he deceived his friends so they would think we were together; I was terrified when one of the girls came up to me and said; "AW, YOU'RE SUCH A CUTE COUPLE!" I was like "WHAT????? WE'RE NOT A COUPLE... NEVER WERE, AND NEVER WILL BE."

It caused a very stressful situation, and later he said; "OH... I JUST SAID THAT BECAUSE I HAVE HOPES... I'M AN INTENSE, ROMANTIC GUY"... and I said I haven't given him any hopes; that hope is something terrible and for that I didn't grow nor give it to anyone; and that lying about it didn't help him either. After that I distanced myself, thinking it would be the end of it... but it wasn't: when the nutcase knew I was going to Ireland, he made reservations of a HONEYMOON SUITE for us; and sent me the email, showing what "he have done for us to work in our relationship" and etc.

He was utterly delusional. I was scared shitless and I cut all contact with him (I had deleted him previously, but this time I blocked at once); he managed to get my address with an acquaintance and the avalanche of gifts and letters started.

The creepiest stuff was several pictures of me, that I didn't even know he had taken... printed in lots of different sizes / filters, with loads of delusional stuff written in the back, and one photoshopped - you could see it's Photoshop, but it was annoying and scary anyway - of him trying to pretend we were kissing. Yeah, just trying, because the fake picture is awful and even his friends noticed that and said he was being ridiculous.

When I told him to leave me the fucking alone, he acted fully surprised and sad, saying he just wanted me to be happy and that he was the only person in the world that could make me feel whole again; that he is so romantic, and caring, and intense... and that I would never find anyone like him (holy shit, I really hope I don't!!!!).

After that, he sent me a real long email, trying to emotional blackmail me, posing as a true knight in white armor, which only made me to feel like puking and more disgusted towards him.

The end of the story: desperate that I didn't answer the email and put a restraining order, he got together with an acquaintance of mine, knowing she would tell me about it - and she did. I told her I wish the best for the couple (but kept him blocked in everything, and put her in a semi-restrict group, so she can't tell him anything about me... just in case).

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