Boyfriend of 3 years (24M) left me (22F) home alone with appendicitis to go get drunk with his friends

Acute appendicitis is when the symptoms come on fast and in a short period of time basically on the verge of rupture. This is what people normally think of when they think of appendicitis because it’s what’s most common.

I have chronic appendicitis, which is when the symptoms appear and then disappear on and off for weeks, months, or even years. Only 1% of appendicitis cases are chronic. But chronic appendicitis can eventually lead to acute appendicitis. Which is why I’m so nervous since my symptoms are getting worse.

Not rude at all! When I got my CT scan and my doctor called and said to go straight to the ER cause it was appendicitis I was expecting them to cut me open the second I got into the door. I was totally unaware that there were different types of appendicitis. They referred me to a surgeon whom I’m seeing Thursday!

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