Anderson Cooper trying to drink tequila on television every hour was one of the greatest things I've seen

I’ve seen your type before. You’re all talk on the internet. You act smart and witty but at the end of the day you’re sad. You’re alone and sad. You’ve prolly never touched a vagina and you cry yourself to sleep at night because all those karma points don’t amount to anything in the real world. You live out a fantasy life on Reddit and try to act savvy and macho. You’re the literal definition of a fucking cuck. Throwing my past demons in my face again? No ammo to use their little dick. I’m clean. I thought you people were supposed to be the morally better group. Nope you’re just a hypocritical, nerdy fuck with too many karma points and has never touched a vagina outside your mama’s. Think you got it all figured out don’t you? You’re one for four so far.

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