upgrade from schiit stack ( modi magni ) with rme adi-2 fs ?

Nah, save your money. I went from a FiiO K3 -> iFi Zen DAC -> SMSL Sanskrit 10th Mk2 DAC + Atom Amp -> ADI-2 DAC fs. Noticed a small difference/improvement going to the Zen DAC. Got some harder to drive headphones while I used the Zen (Planars/HD600) and then noticed another small difference going to the SMSL DAC+Atom Amp (slightly more "authority" to the sound). Then saved up for end game RME ADI-2 ...... result = bugger all difference.

If you really need/want the EQ and IEM output then maybe get it for features, but I'm sitting here wishing I returned it while I had the chance. Now, just 6 months later and the remote has also stopped working - warranty no help, ignoring my emails after checking new battery didn't fix it, and other checks.... 50 bucks for a new piece of plastic if I want to try buying a new one... I'll live without it.

So no, I don't think it's worth it just for the EQ, and good luck setting it up when the cheap ass duff remote that stops working. Check their forums and you'll discover it's not an uncommon complaint (wish I checked more thoroughly before wasting my money). Save yours.

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