Vaccine refusers

There are two categories of unvaccinated people. Those with pending religious accommodation requests, and those without RAS who nevertheless refuse to follow the order to vaccinate. In the first group, they can’t have any adverse action taken against them so long as the request is pending. You can see the overall progress of each of the services because the judge in this federal case ordered the each of the services to provide status reports every two weeks on the number of requests approved/denied amoung other things. According to the latest report (on the 4th), the CG is processing 1308 (combined active and reserve) requests, but hasn’t fully adjudicated any through the appeal stage. (Interestingly, most of the other services had ~3600 requests. So despite being 1/10 their size, we had 1/3 the number of requests. So I guess coasties were 3x as likely to request an accommodation). There are three main court cases challenging the religious accommodation process, although none have even brought up the possibility of an injunction affecting the CG directly. But theoretically the linked case could be certified as a class action which could eventually extend to the CG. It’s probably be quicker if someone who got denied after the appeals were finalized filed directly though.

Rumor is there are quite a few folks who are unvaccinated without even an RA request. They should have already had two negative page 7s entered; the question will be what happens next. None of them have begun being processed for separation, even though their fate is totally independent of any of the current court cases.

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